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Get your Access Bars run and let go of unnecessary thoughts, feelings and emotions


Access Bars, you have probably heard of it and you want to know more about it. You're curious, you know you have a lot going for you and at the same time you think you're the biggest misfit walking around on earth, somewhere also knowing it's not. 😅Is it not nice how our brain works? What if we could turn off all that mindchatter? 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to stop judging yourself? Some peace, space, nothing on your mind. Sounds good right? In all honesty, that was not what we Barsbabes were consciously looking for when we came in contact with Access Bars and the tools of Access Consciousness®, but now that we know.... wow what a life transformation. 

The ease, the joy, the true enjoyment of everything and everyone around you, being more conscious in life, with ideally no judgment, but at least less judgment makes life a party. Imagine not constantly making yourself wrong for a choice or thinking you are always wrong? How much time and energy do you spend on that? 

Are you someone who is looking for change? Someone who wants to enjoy life, but still runs into problems here and there that you can't seem to change. 

How different would your life be if you stopped doing that? How much time would you have left? Would you have more energy? Welcome to our world, where nothing is impossible. 


A community where consciousness and enjoyment are paramount.
We share tools to have more ease in life, regardless of where you are now. How does it get even better? 

You can find us at events and festivals where we pamper people by pure relaxation.

Barsbabes and Boys are all Bars Facilitators, which means they are certified to facilitate Bars workshops.

Our motto:

Life is not a penis, stop making it so hard. 


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Are you looking for a moment of peace? A moment of not worrying about anything? Then Access Bars is for you. It has also proven to be super effective for stress, add, adhd

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Get younger with the Energetic Facelift, boost your immune system with MTVSS, break family patterns with BMM, and more to explore... 

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A deep dive into your life, change course and sail on possibilities. Be in control and become the leader of your life.
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Familiar with Access Consciousness or the Bars and looking for more immersion? Swap with others in your area, access lots of content and a personal facilitation every month? 

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Looking for an assistant or co-facilitator? Then the Barsdolls is for you!  Very useful if you want to practice some more or as an extra tool for the classes/workshops.

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What if you could change your life in just 5 days? A totally different perspective, walking out the door confident, not just because you're in an amazing place for those 5 days. Real change, a new foundation.

Our Bestseller 


Access Bars® are 32 points on the head that when lightly touched slow down your brain waves. You release thoughts, feelings and emotions that you no longer need. It's like resetting your brain.

Imagine what it would be like to have no thoughts in your head? That you are a walking talking meditation. You didn't have to stress about anything.

We promise you - It is possible!

In just 1 day, learn it for yourself and become a Bars Practitioner.

access consciousness bars workshop class nederland amsterdam abcoude

Book a session for an introduction price:

85,- instead of 100,-

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Access Bars Foundation Access Consciousness Crystel Poetiray certified facilitator nederland


Hi, my name is Crystel Poetiray, founder of Barsbabes and Certified Facilitator for Access Consciousness®. Along with a team of other babes & boys, we intend to make Access Bars as well-known as yoga.

Why? We ourselves are such a fan of all the tools we share and the changes it has brought us. We want to share that with everyone. Our goal is to empower you, so you can enjoy every moment, no matter if it's good or bad. Life is not about waiting and seeing what life brings you. Life is what you want it to be AND it's much easier to realize than we make it for ourselves. 

Our motto: Life is not a penis, stop making it so hard. 

If that makes you smile, you're probably a match with us and you know your life can be easier. Do you want to be a pioneer in consciousness? Do you want to take charge of your life? Your life from wonder, freedom of choice, living possibilities instead of being critical, judgmental and limiting. You are interested in spirituality, but at the same time you are not a spiritual type. Then I think we can do something for each other. 

Curious about all the Babes & Boys?


Sign up now for the free 5 day online workshop that will help you get back into your energy, how to be clearer, how to find your focus and live life with much more ease and joy. Meet the tools that completely transformed our lives.