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What is a sexy energy pull?

An energy pull is way to pull in or attract the energy to create the life you desire. You can compare it to a guided meditation or a visualization, but energy is faster than you can visualize. That's why we pull in the energy, flow it out and build a different energetic foundation to thrive from. It's super easy, fun and this time also sexy.  


Right now, sex is based on judgment. 99.9% of people do sex and copulation from judgment, not from the joy of it, and they always expect something in return. Sexualness is about having that energy of gifting and receiving. It’s the energy of life, what you feel in nature, no judgment. It’s the energy of the gift that bodies are, the enjoyment that they are, the gratitude for them, the contribution that they are, the contribution that their movement is and invites others to.

It’s something that if we receive more and allow more in our speaking and our being, it creates the being of you that people want to reach for.


Crystel Poetiray, CF

Let's introduce

Crystel is a certified facilitator for Access Consciousness. Sexplore the possibilities is her speciality class. If you’ve seen her, you know Crystel is sexualness walking. Even though she tried her best not to be it. While she was sexually abused for a long time as kid, growing up sex and sexual energies were really confusing to her. She would close off in conversations and she couldn’t even speak about it till somewhere in her twenties. Thanks to the tools of Access Consciousness (and some ex-lovers) she explored a completely different space and paradigm with sex. 

Crystel facilitates with a lot of humor and sparkles, while being really present with you and your body and what it desires. When you’re around her, your body just relaxes. What is truly possible for you and your body to receive, explore and enjoy with sex, that if you would allow the possibilities would make your life way to orgasmic? 

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Sexy Energy Pulls

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and see what show up. Let the sexual energy contribute to creating the life you desire.
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Sexy Energy Pulls

What would it be like if your life was an orgasmic experience?

Let's pull the healing, caring, nurturing, joyful, creative, generative, expansive and orgasmic energy in and build that foundation to thrive from. Sexualness is what you’re looking for. Sexualness is a being, not a doing.

I'm super excited. Will you join me?