Sexplore the Possibilities

Let’s explore a different conversation around sex.

Can I ask you a personal question? Are you happy with your sex life? Is it fun, expanding, nurturing, orgasmic? Are you being caressed? Do you allow your body to adored?  Or are you shutting it all out? Are you suspicious when somebody looks at you, that they want something? Can't get that person to love you? We tend to make sex so significant. And did you know that if you make something significant, you can't have it.  

Can I invite you to a different conversation?

What is it that your body desires? 

How would it liked to be touched? Who would your body liked to be touched by? It might not feel like it, but bodies loved to be touched! And as I always say -

A happy body is a happy you!

Let’s go beyond the taboo around sex, stereotyping and enjoying our bodies. Beyond shame. Beyond doubt. Beyond judgment. Beyond wrongness - into possibilities! 

Where have you been avoiding life as the exuberant living you truly could be choosing? 

In this class we’ll explore the different energies of sex that we often see as one, which creates a lot of confusion and miscommunication, maybe even misunderstanding. There are actually 6 different energies. So, let’s get some clarity around that. We’ll also explore how to turn a body on and how to turn your own body on… and not only your body - What if life was an orgasmic experience?

Do you remember those times where you had the most amazing sex (copulation) and the next day you felt like a million dollar? What if every day was like that? The energy of that. Would you be willing to choose it?

What if sex is actually about… receiving, exploring and enjoying.. your body, your life and living and actually everything? What if the orgasmic energies are the most nurturing, expanding, healing and joyful gift you can truly be? Would you allow yourself to be and to have that?


Are you willing to be the walking talking orgasm you truly be?

Are you willing to thrive? To explore the orgasm of being alive?

Certified Facilitator for Access Consciousness®

Let me introduce.. Crystel Poetiray

If you’ve seen her, you know Crystel is sexualness walking. Even though she tried her best not to be it. While she was sexually abused for a long time as kid, growing up sex and sexual energies were really confusing to her. She would close off in conversations and she couldn’t even speak about it till somewhere in her twenties. Thanks to the tools of Access Consciousness (and some ex-lovers) she explored a completely different space and paradigm with sex. 

Crystel facilitates with a lot of humor and sparkles, while being really present with you and your body and what it desires. When you’re around her, your body just relaxes. 

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and the different energies around sex and where they stick you.
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Turn bodies on and be the walking talking orgasm you truly be. 
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Are you ready to have more fun with sex? Are you done masturwaiting? Let's sexplore together during the intro night.