Excited that you'll be joining us! Here is a little message from us

What would it be like to stay in this beautiful farm during the sex and relationship retreat? You don't have to leave the door after class. There is a beautiful environment to explore.

The side wing of Hof de Brulle houses a sleeping accommodation of 13 rooms and 10 designer bathrooms with walk-in and rain showers. As inviting as it is inside the farmhouse, don't forget to go outside as well. Through the large barn gates, you can access the spacious terrace, with views of the Fromberg and Geul valley. Adjacent to the terrace is the 1.5-hectare outdoor courtyard, a landscape park with groves, meadows with standard fruit trees, tall hedges, an avenue of walnuts, vegetable gardens, a playing field and terraces.

During the retreat it is possible to book your own room (limited available) or share a room. How nice is it to just get away for 5 days?

Stay is possible from Monday 16.00h till Friday morning 10.00h.

Will you stay with us?

Your own room

Are you ready for some me-time? Do you want a spacious kingsize bed just for you? Or a little hideaway after class or in between classes? Then book your own room here.

347,- (including breakfast, lunch and dinner on Monday evening)

Shared room

Prefer to share a room? No problem. Sharing is caring. You share the room with 1 other person. You sleep on a luxury single box spring of 80x200/210. 

222,- pp (including breakfast)