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You just became Access Bars Practitioner or even Bars Facilitator (Yay!). Now you probably want to get started by giving session or workshops as soon as possible? A Barsdoll could be the perfect assistant for you to help you do that. We use them during all our workshops and we couldn’t do without them anymore! They are great to show where exactly all the points are, but they also come in really handy as a practicing tool when you just started. Besides, they just look really cool and cute in your practice and on any shelf! At least that’s how we feel.

So train your muscle memory to gift Bars with even more ease! What contribution could Barsdolls be for you?


What happens quite often is that when someone did a Bars workshop they end up not doing it as much because they are insecure if they are doing the points right. After a while they might stop doing it alltogether. Which is such a pity! Barsdolls are the perfect help here.  There will always be someone available to practice on, with all the points clearly visible, that doesn’t complain and will never judge you ;). You’ll have no excuses left to not practice though, once you have your own Barsdoll!

Tip! Train your muscle memory by using your Barsdoll weekly. It is like playing a guitar, at one point your fingers just KNOW where to go. 

Access Consciousness pop barsdolls access bars nederland barsbabes


Barsdolls are custom made for you. All point are carefully handpainted by Thiska. Therefore every one of them is unique. Available in different colours and

genders, painted in the colours you choose. 

You choose the head you like as a base and the colour scheme of the points. Or you give Thiska a free pass, also an option. During the making, Thiska will update you a few times and adjust things if required. As soon as your personal Barsdoll is ready, we send it. 

Delivery within the Netherlands max 5 weeks, depending on the waiting list.  
We ship around the globe, but keep in mind that the prices for shipping outside of the Netherlands exclude the shipping costs for they vary per country.

Access Consciousness pop barsdolls access bars


Barsbabe Thiska studied at  the Art Academy in the Netherlands. Her main interest was sustainable Fashion where, even though the combination of esthetics and ‘creating a better world’ appealed and seemed to fit her, she never Really found her passion/spark/drive there. 

Looking back, I thinks I was always aware that there was something (or a lot!) of me and my life that I wasn’t looking at. Access really played a big part in the realisation that I can truly choose happiness. 

With the Barsdolls, amongst other things, she regained a sense of joy in her creative processes. 


Access Consciousness pop barsdolls access bars nederland barsbabes
€ 250,- 


  • THE perfect assistant for Access Bars
  • An easy way to practice
  • Explain the positions of the points to your clients
  • A co-facilitator during your Bars Workshop
  • Great eyecatcher in your practice or on your bookshelf

    Barsdolls are made with love and joy. High standard Bars training heads, that contribute to more ease with you Access Bars practices. We love beautiful things. So the heads we offer are, needless to say, true Babes & Boys that you can totally bring home. 😉

This is what people said

Look no further!

So happy with this! Beautiful colours, very vibrant. The Barsdoll is very handy to showcase the hand positions for, in my case, the future Bars Classes I will be giving. So looking for a Barsdoll? Look no further and order one of these! 🤩

Martijn Rusink - Access Martijn Rusink

Made with care and precision

I recently received my Barsdoll en I am very pleased. You can really tell it is made with care and precision. It is such a beautiful addition to my practice space and I am getting many nice remarks and compliments from my clients. 

Access Consciousness pop barsdolls access bars nederland barsbabes
Roos de Vries