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Consciousness is the new sexy


It is our mission to introduce as many people as possible to Access Consciousness™, because the more happy and conscious people, the more fun, beautiful, healthy and magical this planet will be!

You can find us at festivals and events to spread our joy! “"The name Barsbabes came about as a joke with some friends who all ran Bars. I liked the name so much and fell in love with Access Bars, and figured this is something everyone should know about. That's how I started Barsbabes." Thus Crysje, founder. The tools of Access Consciousness have contributed so much to our lives. We wish that was the case for everyone. It's bizarre how different and more enjoyable our lives have become since we got to know about it. 

Thiska; "My life is really(!) fun now! Any setback, contraction or limitation I can now see much better for what it is and change/pass it. If I simply can't see it or change it? Then I have a kind of Mary Poppins bag of tools and a worldwide Access Consciousness community to help me.

How does it get any better than this!"


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Crystel Poetiray

Founder, CF, BPF, BF, AFF

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Thiska van den heuvel



Access Consciousness® offers pragmatic tools and techniques to change what you have always longed to change in your life. It empowers you to know what you really know, not what you invent. Let's say to act on intuition.

We can' t possibly put into words what it changes for us, but not only for us and our clients. Access Consciousness® has changed thousands of lives worldwide.